Frequently Asked Questions

How long will each collection last for?

Each collection will only last until they are sold out!  So the time each piece is available for may vary depending on the popularity of the item.  We will occasionally restock collections if they are in high demand.


What are the benefits of using a saddle pad with sheepskin?

Sheepskin is a great added feature on saddle pads but most of the benefits of sheepskin are not commonly known.

These include:

- Natural temperature regulating properties which helps regulate the horse's body temperature by insulating when it's cold and dissipating heat when it's hot, up to seven times faster than synthetic materials

- Every wool fibre acts like a tiny spring, absorbing pressure without flattening, meaning ultimate comfort for your horse

- Very breathable, allowing air to circulate

- Reduces the risk of rubbing and is perfect for horses with sensitive backs

- Has antibacterial properties to protect your horse's skin from bacteria

- Aids in wicking away moisture to help prevent the accumulation of sweat, which keeps the back cooler

- Adds an element of style and class


Where are you based/where do you ship to?

Imperial Design is based in Australia and we are currently only shipping Australia wide.  However, we will definitely be introducing international shipping options in the near future.


How can I make sure these saddle pads will fit my horse, size wise?

We have the most common saddle pad size (large/full) to ensure it fits the majority of horses.  You can find a size chart under the tab 'Other', which gives measurements of the pads.


How do I clean my I.D saddle pads without ruining them?

The care instructions for both types of saddle pads (normal and with sheepskin) can be found under the tab 'Other' and then 'Product Care' on our website.  Make sure to also keep the Product Care card that comes with your order.


Are you looking for any sponsors/ambassadors?

We are not looking for any ambassadors or sponsored riders at the moment, but in the future we will be! So make sure you keep a close eye on our social media pages to avoid missing out on the opportunity to be apart of the Imperial Design team.

Social media accounts:

Instagram- imperial_design

Facebook- Imperial Design Equestrian